Value of Membership

SAMGA is an association of mango growers for mango growers which aims to do things that individual growers are unable to do on their own. A strong and effective SAMGA is an important component of the future success of the mango industry.

Technical services rendered to SAMGA members include provision of technical information in relation to production and harvesting through the Subtrop Journal and other literature, the SAMGA website and study groups.

  • Study groups provide growers with the opportunity to:
  • View each other’s operations.
  • Share ideas and best practices.
  • Get feedback from SAMGA board meetings.
  • Learn about the latest development in production practices.
  • Network with input suppliers.
  • Participate in determining SAMGA’s priorities to ensure that SAMGA’s activities remain relevant and useful.

Mango research done in South Africa is held in high regard internationally.
SAMGA’s research committee determines research priorities, and projects are funded accordingly. Recent research conducted by SAMGA includes the following:

  • Testing of new cultivars.
  • Gall fly management.
  • Control of blossom malformation.
  • The use of near infrared technology to detect internal disorders in the packhouse.
  • Gaining a better understanding of fruit fly behaviour to improve control methods.
  • Maintaining optimal Prochloraz levels in the packhouse dipping bath.
  • Testing of various post harvest treatments to allow access to new markets such as China.

SAMGA’s research aims to find solutions to production problems, and to gain access to new markets. Research priorities are determined by grower members. Research results are published annually in the SAMGA research yearbook.

Exports of South African mangoes declined from 17000 tons in 2003 to only 600 tons in 2011 due to unfavorable conditions in Europe, which was the major export market. Access to new markets therefore will provide new opportunities and should increase the profitability of mango production in South Africa. Through SAMGA’s work and collaboration with Government, access to India was gained in 2016. Work is ongoing to access Vietnam, China, Thailand and Japan.

Government liaison is essential in gaining access to new markets. SAMGA is recognised by the Department of Agriculture as the representative body of the mango industry. This enables SAMGA to drive new market applications at government level.

SAMGA, through Subtrop, has representation on the following platforms:
FRUIT SA, along with Citrus, Deciduous, and Table Grape industries.

SAMGA is an industry body that is recognised by government, allowing mango growers to make inputs on important issues such as grading regulations, and to influence the political process of accessing new markets.
SAMGA is involved, through Subtrop, in the Department of Agriculture working groups on food safety and chemical residues (MRLs) so that growers can remain up to date on these very important issues.

SAMGA’S activities are structured to create value for its members by doing things on behalf of the industry that individual growers are not able to do on their own. Growing markets are vital to the profitable production of mangoes. However, it is also recognised that the costs need to be minimized through efficient production. SAMGA levies are one of the costs incurred by growers, and SAMGA strives to manage its costs so that growers obtain maximum value.