SAMGA Constitution Bylaws

1.1     The entrance fees and annual subscriptions shall be, in respect of:

1.1.1      Existing Grower Members

Members who are paying levies and are currently growing mangoes, shall not be liable for annual subscription.

1.1.2      New Non-Grower Members

e.g. Co-operatives, Companies, Packhouses, Exporters, Chemical companies etc.) will be liable for an initial entrance fee of R575,00 (VAT included) and will be liable for annual subscriptions of R1725,00 (VAT included).

1.2     Special and Honorary Life Members shall not be required to pay an entrance or a subscription fee;

1.3     The entrance fee and annual subscription may be revised by the Board from time to time provided that changes in annual subscription shall only take effect from the announcement of the next financial year of the Association.

1.4     Entrance fees and subscriptions shall become payable on approval of membership and thereafter within 30 (thirty) days of the commencement of the financial year or issuing of tax invoice by the Association.

1.5     Any member intending to resign shall notify the Secretary in writing before the date on which such subscriptions become due and failing which shall be liable to pay one half of the annual subscription.

2.1       Grower-members shall be liable to pay to the Association levies as follows:

2.1.1          Export levy – 45c / 4kg carton.

2.1.2            Sales on the National Fresh Produce Markets – 2% of selling price before deduction of agent’s commission & market fees.

2.1.3            Direct sales – 1% of gross selling price.

2.1.4            Processing levy – R33 / ton

2.2       All monies payable in terms of this paragraph shall, unless recovered directly by the Association, be payable to the Association within 45 (forty-five) days of payment being received by the member.

2.3       The Association may call on members to produce such documentation or evidence as it may deem necessary to support the sales of Mangoes by members.

3.1       The proposal of a new member shall be on an application form prescribed by the Board and signed by the candidate.  The proposal form shall be submitted to the Secretary together with the prescribed fees and subscriptions and membership of a candidate will become effective on approval by the Board.

3.2       The signed application form for membership shall constitute and acknowledgement by the member that he agrees to be bound by the Constitution and the Rules and Regulations of the Association.