The important characteristics include time of ripening, internal quality, external appearance, fruit size,
resistance to bacterial black spot and other diseases, tree size and consistent yields.

Early Season

  • Early cultivar
  • Large fruit (450 – 700 g) with an oval to slightly oblong shape.
  • Shelf life is good.
  • A well coloured mango with exceptional red colour.
  • Has a mild, sweet flavour.

  • A small to medium sized mango.
  • Yellow in colour with red cheeks.
  • One of the traditional old fibre mango cultivar.

  • Fruit is fibreless.
  • Small to medium sized with an oval to ovate shape.
  • The colour changes from purple to red as it ripens.
  • Has a greenish yellow skin and hues of red.
  • Has a sweet taste and smooth, firm flesh.
  • Fruit is elongated with a medium to large size.
  • Yellow to red coloured

Mid Season

  • Has an attractive orange-yellow colour with red cheeks.
  • Available early till mid season.
  • One of the traditional old fibre mangos.
  • A fairly large mango.
  • Yellow to red in colour.

Mid to Late Season

  • A medium to large sized mango.
  • Sweet taste and smooth textured flesh.
  • Its skin remains predominantly green in colour, even when ripe and ready to eat.

  • Medium to large sized mango.
  • Very attractive yellow and red coloured.
  • This is a mango with succulent sweet flesh and has a unique mango flavour.
  • The shape of this mango resembles a heart.

Late Season

  • A small to medium sized mango.
  • It has a green background and purple to red tinges.
  • The Sensation has firm flesh.
  • It has a sweet flavour and is string-less.

  • A large mango with a small pip.
  • It has a green to pale red colour.
  • The skin of this cultivar also remains predominantly green even when ripe and ready to eat.